Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless networks improve the capabilities of your business; however, they do come with many security risks. These risks are due to the fact anyone can connect to the network with a device that finds the network's signals. An insecure wireless network can act as an easy access point to your organisation's network for attackers.

Mossé Security’s Certified Consultants complete a Wireless Penetration Test using cutting-edge techniques and a combination of automatic and manual tools to discover vulnerabilities in common areas including software patches, weak access points and misconfiguration of security protocols.

Our Certified Consultants assemble their discoveries in a detailed report which also outlines solutions delineating the required steps to remediate the vulnerabilities. Mossé Security has earned the trust of our customers by over-delivering on each Wireless Penetration Test, and consistently maintaining an impeccable, high standard of work ethics. As a result, our customers call us first to ensure the security of their wireless networks.

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