Unnamed Presentation 2020-10-09

Published: 2020-10-09

In 2020, Benjamin Mossé delivered a presentation to a government group. Attached are some of the slides that have been appropriately edited to showcase the general crux of the content we believe to be of benefit to the broader community.

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Cyber Security For Medical Colleges

Published: 2017-08-15

What do medical colleges need to do to prepare themselves for cyber attacks? In this presentation, we explore how a modern cyber security programme looks like and offer strategies and tactics to help IT managers to improve the defences of their organisations.

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The 15 Cyber Security Leadership Questions

Published: 2016-11-03

The top 15 questions that business executives and IT directors should be asking their teams every quarter to manage their cyber risks.

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Attacking Managed Security Services Providers and Delivering Incident Response in the Cloud

Published: 2016-07-28

In this presentation, we share lessons learnt delivering incident response services in the cloud and conducting red team exercises against managed security services providers.

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Next Generation Penetration Testing

Published: 2015-10-13

This presentation was delivered at the AISA National Conference in 2015. The topic was Red Team Operations. We presented what red team operations are, why we need them, and how they are different from standard penetration testing engagements.

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