Technical Security Assessments

Penetration Testing

Web Application

Our team has extensive experience identifying web application vulnerabilities. We will confirm whether it's safe to go in production or not

Network Infrastructure

We are specialists at delivering attack simulations against Windows and Linux networks located on-premise or in the cloud


Our team attempts to break into your wireless networks by cracking encryption keys and attacking wireless clients

Mobile Application

We ensure that mobiles applications follow all best security practices to prevent unauthorised access to data and accounts

Web Services

We discover critical vulnerabilities in APIs that could allow adversaries to bypass security controls and steal data

Internet of Things

We assess the security of IoT devices to make sure they will not introduce critical and high risk vulnerabilities in your environment

Other Assessments

Breach Assessment

90% of organisations are already compromised. Engage us to hunt for adversaries on your networks and remove them

Product Evaluation

We evaluate the efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness of security products and managed cyber security providers

Social Engineering

We perform OSINT research to identify key employees and then conduct phishing and spear-phishing attack simulations


Mossé Security provided security testing and other technical advisory services for our company. I have found Mossé Security’s work to be of a consistently high standard, technically outstanding, and well aligned with both the technical and business requirements of our clients. Mossé Security's professional engagement style and authentic approach to service delivery ensured clients were always satisfied with the outcomes
Jeff Paine, Managing Consultant, Dimension Data