Offensive Countermeasures

Offensive Cyber Operations

Mossé Security offers highly specialised services to create consequences for the adversaries attacking computer networks. Those services are called the Offensive Countermeasures. When applied correctly, the Offensive Countermeasures can assist organisations recuperate stolen documents and funds, and discourage adversaries from coming back.


Offensive Countermeasures is a security strategy that creates consequences for the attackers who hack your computers. We hold the tenet that if resources are not spent on tracking and disrupting the attackers, then we are, by omission, allowing them to try new ways to breach our defences and to come back later to steal even more from us.

At a high-level, Offensive Countermeasures consists of wide range of power instruments such as:

  • Psychological Warfare: Negatively affecting the attackers’ moral to make them reduce or cease their attacks
  • Cyber Warfare: Destroying or disrupting the adversaries’ IT assets
  • Economic Warfare: Discovering how the adversaries are funded, removing their source of income
  • Information Warfare: Infiltrating adversary groups and disseminating false information to turn members against each other
  • Law Enforcement: Getting the adversaries arrested and prosecuted
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