Next Generation Penetration Testing

Mossé Security offers next-generation penetration testing (Red Team) services that simulate an attack on your IT network. We use the same techniques and tactics as cyber threats targeting your type of company, thus allowing for targeted allocation of security investments and a vastly improved defense system. Call or email us today to identify and fix your network’s vulnerabilities.


Mossé Security offers penetration testing services that simulate realistic attackers. We replicate the same techniques, tools, and tactics employed by attackers targeting our specific clients’ industry and company profile. As a result, we can offer security defenses tailored to the threats your company is most likely to face, as well as general attacks.

Goals And Capabilities:

  • Goal: Initiate and simulate the strongest attacks against our clients’ defenses.
  • Methodology: Use the same techniques, tactics, tools and procedures as the threat actors targeting your type of organization.
  • Custom Tools: Program custom malware meant to test the effectiveness of anti-espionage and advanced security endpoint technologies, such as Windows OS zero-days.