News and Announcements

Date Press Release
23 September 2020 Advanced Cyber Protection Services

Mossé Security is pleased to announce our Advanced Cyber Protection Services. These services are specifically designed to lend comprehensively robust support to existing defensive capabilities pertaining to private sector organisations and government departments.

4 June 2020 Next-Generation Cyber Talent

Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) is pleased to announce our new global community initiative offered free of charge to all high school students worldwide - Introduction to Cybersecurity Certification. MCSI welcomes all high-school students with a keen interest in cyber security to develop and get a head start in advancing their skills in preparation for a successful career.

18 September 2019 Free Remote Internship Empowering Women in Cyber Security

Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) is the vanguard in promoting and supporting an initiative that embraces worldwide diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry. We are pleased to announce that our Remote Internship Programme is a global initiative delivering FREE Internship access to all women.

17 July 2019 Mossé Security Launches Cyber Education Credits

Mossé Security has implemented a unique Cyber Security Education Credits program with current clients being among the first to receive the benefits from this innovative program. Each organisation that signs a service agreement with Mossé Security, automatically earns an education credit of 5% of the service amount applicable towards advanced cybersecurity training solutions through the Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI), Australia’s top private cybersecurity institute.

2 July 2019 Mossé Security Launches a Free National Threat Research Programme

Mossé Security, the world-class cybersecurity company, is pleased to announce our National Threat Research Programme. This Programme is an innovative service, offered free of charge, to help protect Australian organisations, as well as international ones, who are targeted by unknown threat actors rampant worldwide.

27 June 2019 Mossé Security Launches Advanced CSIRT Services in Australia

Mossé Security, a world-class cybersecurity company, today announced the official, world-wide launch of an Advanced CSIRT (Advanced - Computer Security Incident Response Team) service with special focus on the Australian market. Intense escalation of cyber adversary activities has propelled the official launch of this cutting-edge service.

22 May 2019 Mossé Cyber Security Institute Releases Industry-First Remote Internship Programme

Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) is releasing its Remote Internship Programme inviting passionate cyber security students all over the world to enroll.

1 January 2015 Mossé Security Launches Mossé Cyber Security Institute

Mossé Security launches Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) to offer training and to teach advanced skills to all cybersecurity professionals on many cutting-edge course topics.