National Threat Research

Melbourne, Australia – 02 July 2019 – Mossé Security maintains its position as the premier cyber defence leader for Australian organisations against cyber threat actors.

Mossé Security, the world-class cybersecurity company, is pleased to announce our National Threat Research Programme. This Programme is an innovative service, offered free of charge, to help protect Australian organisations, as well as international ones, who are targeted by unknown threat actors rampant worldwide.

Mossé Security's mission is to fight against stealth cyber adversaries who have been incrementally compromising the networks of hundreds of organisations every year, stealing personal information, intellectual property, and proprietary information. The most effective method to detect the threat actors is by analyzing executables in an organisation's network. However, it is still possible that the threat actor might not be discovered for a month or in some cases years. Moving ahead now with onboarding this free service is paramount.

Mossé Security's National Threat Research Programme offers organisations the opportunity to upload suspicious executables discovered in their network into our datacentre. Once your files are received, their highly-trained Certified Consultants will perform research and threat hunting techniques. The results will be delivered in a Threat Report format, indicating incident notification and providing insights as well as recommendations.

"We see time and time again threat actors outsmarting the standard defences of Australian organisations, breaching their networks. Once a network breach occurs, the adversary can remain hidden for months, sometimes even years, before being discovered. Mossé Security made the National Threat Research Programme free of charge, to ensure that every company has the opportunity to defend themselves. The adversaries we track Nation State units, APT groups and cybercrime organisations. We outline the different attack tactics and techniques used against organisations in the Australian region. Once onboarded with this free service, our expert Certified Consultants provide immediate answers to your organisation how the files are malicious" said Benjamin Mossé, Chief Executive Officer of Mossé Security.


Increase of Unknown Threat Actors Successfully Attacking Australian Organisations

Mossé Security has been tracking Threat Actors discovered whilst responding to over one hundred cyber incidents in the past year, and have analysed their methods as well as identified the target-fit profiles of Australian organisations.

About Mossé Security

Mossé Security provides world-class cyber security solutions and strategic security advice to government, private sector clients, and security minded individuals. We operate around the world and our head office is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Mossé Security is engaged to help clients on a wide range of cyber security issues including: combating cyber espionage, advising on national cyber security threats, protecting the privacy and confidential information, preventing financial fraud, providing security education and training, detecting and investigating security breaches, tracing back intruders, and more.

About Mossé Cyber Security Institute

Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) is Australia’s top education centre for cyber security.

The mission of MCSI is to impart and sustain an unparalleled, cutting edge depth of enterprise security education that addresses the detrimental realities of how cyber adversaries compromise organisations in ways that affect people from all walks of life across all industries.

Since we established MSCI in 2015, we have trained over 1000 cyber security professionals worldwide delivered 100’s of workshops, and have given presentations to over 500 business executives and board members Australia-wide, as well as internationally.

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