Mossé Security

Mossé Security offers a wide range of professional services that reduce security risks, keep cyber criminals at bay and provide peace of mind to our clients that their critical IT systems, sensitive data and intellectual property is safe.

We offer unique benefits to our clients, these stem from our core business values:

  • Permanence: Mossé Security has a worldwide track record, and has been operating in Australia for over 6 years.
  • Candid Advice: We provide comprehensive and frank assessments of all security issues to allow our clients to make informed decisions in a timely manner.
  • Trustworthiness: We have earned a worldwide reputation for protecting the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information of global organisations, financial institutions and governments.
  • Conscious Business: Mossé Security conducts business conscientiously and ethically – always working in the best interests of our clients and never compromising our integrity.

Mossé Security

  • Metaphor:
    Security as a Garden
  • Invest in your human capital with the Culture of Learning
  • Nurture and grow information security
  • Plan your information security for the next 15 years

Alternative Providers

  • Metaphor:
    Security as a Machine
  • Invest in adding new layers of IT security complexity
  • Enforce strict policies and procedures on people
  • Compliance and assurance drive information security investments

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Capability Statement

We cover the full spectrum of information security services

Assess Protect Augment
Compromise assessment Security architecture Secondments
Red team operations Risk management Litigation support
Application penetration testing Strategy and frameworks Virtual security team
Infrastructure penetration testing Policies and procedures Training and education
Wireless penetration testing Planning and forecasting White-labelling
Client-side penetration testing Breach recovery Trusted advisors
Source code review Remediation Offensive countermeasures
Vulnerability assessment Incident response Malware analysis