Mossé Security Services Lifecycle

Customers use our services and training to address their most pressing IT security challenges. Here are some of the questions we get asked on a daily basis:

  • How many unknown significant security risks are we facing?
  • How can we mature our security programme?
  • I'm facing an incident, what should I do?
  • How can we better prepare ourselves for security incidents?

Compliance, risk reduction, due diligence, incident response, and gaining a competitive advantage are just a few of the business drivers addressed by Mossé Security.

Our solutions take into account strategic, commercial, and technical factors. Our knowledge, efficiency, and experience ensure that our customers get the finest service possible.

Mossé Security Services Lifecycle demonstrates how our cybersecurity professional services and cybersecurity courses assist customers with their most important IT security concerns

How many unknown significant security risks are we facing?

Red Teaming

How can you have confidence in your organisation's ability to defeat cyber-threats? Request realistic attack simulations from us.

Breach Assessment

90 percent of businesses are already hacked. Engage us to look for and remove enemies from your networks.

Penetration Testing

We assure that key security vulnerabilities are not present in your apps, networks, or devices. Anything you can think of, we can put to the test.

How can we mature our information security programme?


We create cyber security plans. We'll assist you in implementing resilience, data-driven security, and cultivating a security learning culture.

Maturity Assessments

We assess compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, COBIT 2019, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and the ASD Essential 8 standards.

Education & Training

We provide information security training to your staff. From IT teams to board members, everyone is involved.

I'm facing an incident, what should I do?

Rapid Incident Response

For clients who have been subjected to security intrusions, we provide prompt and thorough incident response services.

Digital Forensics

Our team reconstructs whole incident timelines, recovers erased files, and detects unauthorised data access.

Offensive Countermeasures

We recuperate stolen documents and funds, and discourage adversaries from coming back. We create consequences for the people attacking you.

How can we better prepare ourselves for security incidents?

First Responder Training

Prepare employees to serve as trained first responders in the event of a security breach. The workshop is held over two days.

Crisis Simulation Workshop

We train board members and executives to respond to major cyber disasters and fulfil their responsibilities.

Dragon-Net Workshops & Exercises

Our incident response and red team drills are designed to put your defences to the test. We put you through your ropes with procedurally built networks.


Mossé Security offers some of the most reliable and trustworthy consultants I have worked with. They are consistent in their communication and always deliver projects on time. They could adapt themselves to suit the needs of my business, and provided valuable services across a spectrum of IT areas
Ash Shilkin, CEO, ChimpChange Limited