Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mossé Security provides top Mobile Application Penetration Testing as an independent test to identify unknown vulnerabilities. We test all the components that get targeted in mobile applications. Our Certified Consultants employ a combination of automatic tools and manual techniques to simulate realistic attacks that organisations with similar target profiles are currently facing. We often see user roles, password access controls, and privilege escalation as the focus of attacks. Successful completion of these tests ensures strict compliance with industry security standards and legal requirements.

Mossé Security has completed hundreds of successful Mobile Application Penetration Tests for a multitude of organisations throughout Australia. Over the past nine years we’ve solidly earned the trust of our clients by delivering a highly ethical standard of work, providing consistency with impeccable attention to detail. Our customers know that when we complete a Mobile Application Penetration Test, the in-depth thoroughness with which we perform this work is always above and beyond the commonly used methods. Mossé Security Certified Consultants receive high-level of in-house simulation training on how new emerging threat actors attack organisations with their specific target profile. Our sustained, assiduous adherence to the highest standards inspires a remarkable level of confidence from all organisations. Organisations have full trust in our expert abilities to employ advanced tactics and cutting-edge techniques to test their Mobile Application.

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Penetration Testing Methodology

Mossé Security follows a penetration testing methodology aligned with industry best practices and frameworks (e.g. CREST UK, OSSTM, OWASP, NIST, ISSAF, and PTES):

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Our Certifications

Our team undertakes 2,000+ hours of pre-deployment training per year. Here are some of the certifications we hold and maintain:

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