Code Deobfuscation Services

Mossé Security can deobfuscate malware samples developed by Advanced Persistent Threats.

  • Defeat code-level obfuscation techniques to recover the original high-level code
  • Recover protected data such as IP addresses, domain names, keys and other strings
  • Recover the original malware architecture prior to its obfuscated state
  • Produce high-fidelity descriptions of what protected software code does

Code Protection Techniques

Here's a list of common code protection techniques employed by sophisticated adversaries:

  • Control Flow Flattening
  • Dead Code
  • Disaligned Branches
  • Function argument randomisation
  • Garbage Insertion
  • Instruction Substitution
  • Merging and Splitting Functions
  • Mixed Boolean Arithmetics
  • Opaque Predicates
  • Split and Merge Variables
  • Virtual Machine Hardening
  • Virtualisation Obfuscation

Our Certifications

Our team undertakes 2,000+ hours of pre-deployment training per year. Here are some of the certifications we hold and maintain:

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