Web Application Penetration Testing

Mossé Security provides Web Application Penetration Testing services to organisations, and our Certified Consultants are guaranteed to discover a vulnerability or weakness before a threat actor is able. The security of your organisation's Web Applications is crucial simply because most web applications are internet facing and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world. Our Certified Consultants test your web-application using advanced tools and realistic methodologies. We free up your employees’ valuable time, and we remain outside of any possible internal politics, thus ensuring you that a detailed and completely unbiased report is delivered to you. Our process involves making every attempt possible to exploit vulnerabilities so we can outline in detail any which have been discovered, then offer our opinion on business risks, and recommend immediate solutions.

Mossé Security has successfully completed thousands of penetration tests, by using the same tactics, techniques and tools real threat actors use when targeting your organisation's specific profile. Our Certified Consultants have completed hundreds web-application penetration tests by successfully compromising any database, web server or login portal. Wherever the vulnerabilities are hiding, rest assured we will find them. We work with your organisation to ensure the correct security protocols and procedures are being implemented throughout the Web Application.

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Penetration Testing Methodology

Mossé Security follows a penetration testing methodology aligned with industry best practices and frameworks (e.g. CREST UK, OSSTM, OWASP, NIST, ISSAF, and PTES):

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Our Certifications

Our team undertakes 2,000+ hours of pre-deployment training per year. Here are some of the certifications we hold and maintain:

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