Social Engineering Attacks

Mossé Security offers important Social Engineering services to organisations as a method of testing employees’ knowledge of current cybersecurity threats. Employees often do not realise their own role or even the extent of the impact these threats can have on a business. Malicious threat actors commonly target employees in the initial stages of their attack process, using different tactics and techniques to trick employees into compromising information.

Our experienced Certified Consultants implement the same tactics a real attacker would use by researching open-source information on your company and employees. This method is used to provide a highly augmented chance of success throughout the engagement. We work closely with your organisation to plan the most useful scenarios to test your employees thus gaining a comprehensive understanding of how successful a real attacker could be.

Mossé Security provides you with a comprehensively detailed report of our results, outlining recommendations on how to improve employee cybersecurity knowledge. Mossé Security has earned the trust of our customers by over-delivering on each Social Engineering Penetration Test and by consistently maintaining an impeccably high standard in work ethics. As a result, our customers continue working with us to ensure the security of their information.

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