Network Penetration Testing

Mossé Security uses advanced reconnaissance techniques to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation's attack surface by determining how internal systems are managed and accessed. We analyse the operational safeguards involved in the network as well as the security protocols in place for protecting the network. Typically, we find that when the networks and infrastructure were designed, security was not a priority typically due to lack of security trained experts on the design team resulting in common design error and misconfigurations. These design errors and misconfigurations are the first places where attackers look.

Mossé Security effectuates hundreds of Network Infrastructure Penetration Tests for organisations all over Australia using our cutting-edge techniques, high standard of consistency and strict adherence to details. Our Certified Consultants receive frequent in-house training to assimilate the various methods of attack threat actors are currently using. Our customers have come to trust that when Mossé Security completes a Network Infrastructure Penetration Test, we have gone above and beyond the methods of most commonly used. This customer satisfaction is a result of our Certified Consultants implementing cutting edge techniques to ensure your network is secure.

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Standard Penetration Tests

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Mossé Security delivers penetration testing services against internal and/or corporate networks.

We identify vulnerabilities that would allow cyber threat actors to gain unauthorised access to internal computer systems, escalate privileges, move laterally across network segments and obtain illegal access to critical systems and data.

Internet Perimeter Penetration Testing

Mossé Security delivers penetration testing services against Internet-facing networks.

We discover critical vulnerabilities in network services and applications that could allow adversaries to breach into the DMZ.

Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Penetration Testing

We help customer harden their Standard Operating Environments (SOEs), whether those be desktop or server environments, on Windows or Linux.

This service provides high level of assurance that IT systems deployed throughout the organisation are secure by default.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Mossé Security tests the security of Wireless Networks. Click here to learn more.

Penetration Testing Methodology

Mossé Security follows a penetration testing methodology aligned with industry best practices and frameworks (e.g. CREST UK, OSSTM, OWASP, NIST, ISSAF, and PTES):

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Our Certifications

Our team undertakes 2,000+ hours of pre-deployment training per year. Here are some of the certifications we hold and maintain:

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