Rapid Incident Response

Mossé Security offers rapid and thorough incident response services to clients facing security intrusions. Through in-depth digital forensics and reverse engineering analysis, we help clients recover from significant security breaches. Call or email us today to learn more about this vital response service.


Mossé Security offers three tiers of Rapid Incident Response Services tailored specifically to the size and industry of your organisation. Upon being retained, we rapidly increase the speed of your intrusion response while training your IT team on best security practices to handle future intrusions as well.

Threat Actors

Amongst the types of threat actors Mossé Security has experience responding to include:

  • Ransomware and traditional malware
  • File-less remote access trojans (RATs)
  • Malicious insiders and accidents caused by the IT team
  • Persistent attackers that use the client’s own insecure configuration of its IT infrastructure to maintain long-term network access and evade detection