Breach Assessment
Mossé Security offers an enterprise-wide forensic assessment called Breach Assessment to assist business owners with implementing a comprehensive cyber secu... Read more
Dragon-Net procedurally generates realistic enterprise networks in the cloud. It can be used to upskill your information security personnel, test attack and ... Read more
FireDrill automates over 600 of the most common attack techniques, tactics and procedures employed by multiple threat actors. Such as: worldwide APT groups, ... Read more
Rapid Incident Response
Mossé Security offers rapid and thorough incident response services to clients facing security intrusions. Through in-depth digital forensics and reverse eng... Read more
Managed Cyber Defence
Mossé Security's Managed Cyber Defence Services comprise all the cutting-edge cyber security services organisations require to protect themselves against mod... Read more
Managed Cyber Education
Mossé Security delivers comprehensive learning programmes tailored for the different audiences in your organisation with maximum flexibility. Our managed ser... Read more
Managed Security Testing Services
Mossé Managed Cyber Attack Services is now offering yearly security testing services at a fraction of the price of traditional penetrations testing. This spe... Read more
Next Generation Penetration Testing
Mossé Security offers penetration testing services that simulate an attack on your IT network. We use the same techniques and tactics as cyber threats targe... Read more
Offensive Countermeasures
Mossé Security offers highly specialised services to create consequences for the adversaries attacking computer networks. Those services are called the Offen... Read more
Red Team Toolkit
The Red Team Toolkit is a compilation of advanced offensive security tools to aid red teams deliver advanced attack simulations. The purchase of a yearly sub... Read more
Cyber Security Strategy
Mossé Security’s IT security strategy services help organisations design and implement a comprehensive security plan to protect their networks against modern... Read more
Threat Hunter
Mossé Security’s Threat Hunter technology allows organisations to detect active threat actors who have bypassed network security defenses. With Threat Hunter... Read more