Staff Augmentation

Mossé Security offers Staff Augmentation services to organisations providing access to capabilities in areas they would typically be lacking or be challenged.

Our consultants become integrated as one of your team members in the capacity of providing expert insights and analysis across all areas of cyber defence and cyber offense. For example:

  • Patching and hardening IT systems
  • Incident detection and response
  • Vulnerability and malware analysis
  • Penetration testing and Red Teaming

Defensive Security

We help your organisation with crucial security patching to reduce vulnerabilities, threat hunting, writing malware detections, discovering how malware entering your network, and hardening your operating systems to ensure maximum security.

Offensive Security

We expertly help and assist your organisation with crucial security advice and our consultants are expertly skilled in areas such as penetration testing, vulnerability research, exploit development, malware writing and Red Teaming.