Red Team Management

Red Team Management

Here, we’re acting as your Red Team, your penetration testing team, or even augmenting your own Red Team by training your team members, and offering you our advanced Mossé Security Red Team Toolkit. With our Dragon-Net technology, we offer procedurally generated enterprise networks where your red teamers can practice attacking computer networks and test destructive attacks such as ransomware or wipers.

Professional Services & Products

Penetration Testing

We ensure that your applications, networks, and devices are free from critical security vulnerabilities. You name it, we can test it.

Red Teaming

How can you gain confidence that your organisation can defeat cyber adversaries? Engage us to deliver realistic attack simulations.

Red Team Toolkit

We provide you up-to-date tools and techniques as if you were a real adversary group. All delivered open-source to be customised to your needs.

Courses & Workshops

Red Teaming: The Fundamentals

We teach a unique approach to penetration testing based on simulating the attack techniques and strategies of real attackers.

Red Teaming: Advanced Userland Techniques

We teach you advanced user-land exploitation techniques specifically designed to evade properly defended enterprise networks.

Social Engineering Master Course

We teach you the best tactics, techniques, procedures and gives you the tools to become a thoroughly effective social engineer.

Windows Kernel Rootkits Techniques

We teach you how to reverse engineer rootkits, write your own rootkits, and build your own endpoint detection and response tools.

Dragon-Net Red Team Exercise

We train you on Red Teaming against against procedurally generated computer networks, targets and goals.

The Structured Analytics Techniques

We teach you Red Team critical-thinking and decision making tools that will significantly improve your cyber security programme.