Cyber Security Leadership and Management in Businesses

CS Leadership and Management in Business

We teach senior executives, domain-specific, cyber security (CS) leadership and management in business to help them lead strategic cyber defence initiatives within their organisation. Our elite programmes provide you with in-depth coverage of all the key CS management topics, such as decision making, culture, budgeting, and team leading. Our popular Crisis Simulation Workshop prepares executives for the worst-case scenario breaches.


Business Executives Master Course

We teach a half-day course to business executives and board members that want to learn how to defend their organisations.

Crisis Simulation Workshop

We prepare board members and business executives respond to major cyber incidents and act on subsequent obligations.

The Structured Analytics Techniques

We teach you structured critical-thinking, problem solving, and decision making tools to solve major problems and design better plans.

CS Governance and Risk Management

We teach the practical development and implementation of processes to manage governance, risk and compliance, and BCP.

Problem Solving & Solution Design

We faciliate critical-thinking workshops to diagnose incidents, manage breaches, and design bespoke solutions to unsolved cyber issues.


We design a cyber security programme for you. We'll help you implement resilience, data-driven security, and foster a culture of security learning.