Adversary Management

Adversary Management

Our Adversary Management services and courses span the entire spectrum of the incident response lifecycle. Our First Incident Responder course and Dragon-Net Incident Response workshops prepare your IT operations team to respond to intrusions. Our Crisis Simulation Workshop prepares business executives and board members for the worst cyber breaches that could occur against their organisation. When the breach is too significant, we quickly arrive onsite and help you deal with the threat actors.

Professional Services & Products

Rapid Incident Response

We provide rapid and thorough incident response services for clients facing security intrusions. We then hunt for adversaries on large networks.

Breach Assessment

90% of organisations are already compromised. Engage us to hunt for adversaries on your networks and remove them.

Offensive Countermeasures

We recuperate stolen documents and funds, and discourage adversaries from coming back. We create consequences for the people attacking you.

Courses & Workshops

First Incident Responder

Prepare personnel to act as trained first-responders when security breaches occur. Delivered as a 2-day workshop.

Crisis Simulation Workshop

We prepare board members and business executives respond to major cyber incidents and act on subsequent obligations.

Dragon-Net Incident Response Workshop

We hone your incident detection and response skills against procedurally-generated computer networks and adversaries.