Cyber Security Solutions

Red Team Management

Here, we’re acting as your Red Team, your penetration testing team, or even augmenting your own Red Team by training your team members, and offering you our advanced Mossé Security Red Team Toolkit. With our Dragon-Net technology, we offer procedurally generated enterprise networks where your red teamers can practice attacking computer networks and test destructive attacks such as ransomware or wipers.

CS Leadership & Management in Business

We teach senior executives, domain-specific, cyber security (CS) leadership and management in business to help them lead strategic cyber defence initiatives within their organisation. Our Structured Analytics Techniques provide you with in-depth coverage of all the key CS management topics, such as decision making, culture, budgeting, and team leading. Our popular Crisis Simulation Workshop prepares executives for the worst-case scenario breaches.

Adversary Management

Our Adversary Management services and courses span the entire spectrum of the incident response lifecycle. Our First Incident Responder course and Dragon-Net Incident Response Workshops prepare your IT operations team to respond to intrusions. Our Crisis Simulation Workshop prepares business executives and board members for the worst cyber breaches that could occur against their organisation. When the breach is too significant, we quickly arrive onsite and help you deal with the threat actors.

Learning & Education

We have a vast array of cyber security programmes that are taught in course and workshop formats. Among them, there are twenty learning programmes and workshops specifically tailored for IT professionals, business executives, board members and regular employees. Our Managed Cyber Education services provides you with flexible access to our entire offering: appropriate level of training for when you need it, how you need it, and where you need it.

Other Capabilities:

Threat Research

We detect advanced adversaries using a combination of retro-hunting, reverse-engineering and pivot analysis.

Malware Analysis

We unpack, deobfuscate, decrypt malware, track attack campaigns nation-wide and develop detection capabilities.

Staff Augmentation

We come onsite to help you build new security processes, deliver research projects, and fine-tune your security technologies.

Act Now!

Cyber security is about taking action. Contact us now.


Mossé Security provided security testing and other technical advisory services for our company. I have found Mossé Security’s work to be of a consistently high standard, technically outstanding, and well aligned with both the technical and business requirements of our clients. Mossé Security's professional engagement style and authentic approach to service delivery ensured clients were always satisfied with the outcomes
- Jeff Paine, Managing Consultant, Dimension Data