Cyber Defence Tips

Tip # Cyber Defence Tips
1 Turn on Hyper V on Windows 10

Windows 10 introduced Virtual Secure Mode (VSM). This technology is enabled by turning-on Hyper-V and it protects the LSASS process from password dumping.

2 Disable LLMNR (Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution)

The LLMNR network protocol is vulnerable to Person-in-the-Middle (PitM) attacks. Penetration testers commonly use this vulnerability to compromise domain user accounts in enterprise networks.

3 Turn on Automatic Sample Submission

Automatic Sample Submission allows Microsoft to download a copy of never-seen-before Windows executables and analyse them off-system for security purposes. This capability provides Microsoft an incredible edge for detecting new malware samples and track attack campaigns across the globe. By enabling this feature, you'll benefit from Microsoft's capability to detect new malware samples that have bypassed Windows Defender.