Red Team Toolkit

Red Team Toolkit

Cyber adversaries are dedicated to devoting their full focus and time researching and weaponizing new attack techniques that defeat enterprise security products. They also build complex command and control infrastructure that can prevent takedown and remain undetected for long periods of time.

Mossé Security’s Red Team Toolkit (RTT) is a subscription service that allows us to provide you with up-to-date tools and techniques as if you were a real adversary group.

The subscription comes with our top support services. We can also develop custom capabilities specific to your needs. As a result, your security team can focus on testing and defending your networks without the challenges of researching, building, testing, documenting and maintaining advanced cyber security tools.


  • Fully Featured: RTT comes with attack tools to simulate all types of attacks. Tools for espionage campaigns, ransomware, targeted spear phishing, and theft of large amount of data are all included.
  • C2 Infrastructure: RTT uses a fully encrypted custom C2 protocol that can be encapsulated over any standard network protocol.
  • Custom Malware: RTT contains custom malware in open source format that can be compiled and modified to fit your needs.
  • Resilience: RTT offers numerous automated techniques to defeat anti-virus software, endpoint detection and prevention, prevent takedowns and detect if the blue team’s investigating your C2 infrastructure.
  • Memory-Only: RTT contains many memory-only tactics and techniques to run malware and execute payloads.
  • N-Day Vulnerabilities: RTT comes with several “n-day” attack techniques that are not yet properly detected and blocked by security vendors.
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