DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

We are now seeking a DevOps Engineer to work on our Dragon-Net technology. For this position, the successful candidate will be allowed to work from home on a full-time basis. Salary to be determined.

Distinguishing Role Characteristics

The role largely consists writing code for, and maintaining the code base of, Dragon-Net – a technology that procedurally generates realistic enterprise networks in the cloud.

The successful candidate will join a small team of developers that automate the deployment of hundreds of vulnerable Windows enterprise networks used by our customers to train their security teams, test security products and analyze malware at scale.

Most of those networks have a life-span of less than five (5) days, and because they are procedurally generated, nobody knows how they’ll look like ahead of deployment. After a year of working on this project, you will feel like you’ve become a super system administrator.

You’ll also be working alongside some of Australia’s best computer hackers and will be provided the opportunity to learn their mindsets, techniques, and what it takes to properly defend large-scale networks.


Beyond his or her technical skills, the successful applicant should first and foremost be someone who is personable, neatly presentable, well organized and efficient. Superior communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as interpersonal skills be considered as best matches with the culture and environment of the Company.

The candidate’s work ethics should include dedication and conscientious awareness, focused to deliver the best outcomes. Choosing to do the very best of actions on a daily basis become habitual actions of a candidate who has discovered and developed his self-leadership.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Write succinct and robust code
  • Investigate, troubleshoot and resolve software bugs
  • Administer Windows and Linux systems
  • Support the delivery of IT security courses run a lab environment generated by Dragon-Net

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Can write code in Python, PowerShell, and C or Golang
  • Experience with automation tools like Ansible, Puppet or Chef
  • Experience administering Windows and Linux systems
  • Experience with most, or all, of the following Windows components: WMI, the Registry, Scheduled Tasks, Users and Groups, Active Directory, Group Policy, AppLocker, Security Essentials
  • If possible, experience with Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana – although that would not be hard to learn on the job
  • Experience using a structured troubleshooting methodology, such as CauseWise, to find and resolve the technical root causes of challenging software bugs


  • Excellent verbal and written English communication
  • Professional demeanor and appearance
  • Prioritize tasks as directed
  • Cultivated work discipline, email acknowledged and/or replied promptly, messages returned same day are non-negotiable musts
  • Punctuality - at work, calls and any other meetings


To apply to work with Mossé Security, please email your curriculum vitae and contact details to [email protected].