Mossé Cyber Security Institute Ethical Hacking Competition

About This Competition

Hackers 4.0 is an innovative cyber security competition developed by Mossé Cyber Security Institute. The Institute trains IT genius winners of the competition on cutting-edge cyber security strategies and tactics.

The top 10 contenders of the competition will be eligible for a free-tuition to Mossé Cyber Security Institute’s Certificate of Advanced Cyber Security Operations – worth $25,500.00 AUD incl. GST.

There are no prerequisite requirements to participate and the Mossé Security Australia wide competition is open to all adults. The competition involves demonstrating proficient IT skills during the ethical hacking competition that is run once or twice per year.

Interested? All you have to do is fill out the form below to register your interest in entering the next competition.

Competition Format

Mossé Cyber Security Institute will contact the competitors via email with technical details to access our Competition Portal. The competition will run for 24 hours, during which competitors have to score as many points are possible to win their free tuition to the Advanced Certificate of Cyber Security Operations.


The dates of the competition will be announced soon, giving the participants at least 90 days’ notice.

The Rules

Security challenges are delivered to competitors at random. Competitors that skip 3 or more challenges are automatically disqualified from the free tuition reward. Competitors that skip over 5 challenges have lost the competition.

These rules are meant to prevent competitors from working in groups, or only working on challenges that they already have prior experience and knowledge in solving.


The competition’s challenges have been designed to represent realistic scenarios security professionals are regularly faced with.

Amongst the challenges competitors may expect to face are incident response, malware reverse engineering, vulnerability research and exploit development, security toolkit development and data science challenges.

Free Tuition Reward

The reward for anyone finishing within the top 10 of the competition is: free tuition to Mossé Cyber Security Institute’s Certificate of Advanced Cyber Security Operations.

The top 10 winners of the competition will need to comply with pre-requisites to secure their free tuition, which are:

  • Commit to attend classes in Melbourne, Australia
  • Commit to the course full-time for at least six months (7 days a week)
  • Sign a Course Agreement
  • Bring a powerful laptop with at least 16GB of RAM
  • Pass a security background check
  • Pass our internal interview process

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