Learning Programmes (A-Z)

Course Title & Description
Applied Reverse Engineering (Short Course: 3 days) For IT Professionals
This course combines deep understanding of reverse engineering with rapid triage techniques to provide students with a broad capability to analyze malicious artifacts uncovered during incident response. By tailoring the instruction to rapid assessment of binaries, we equip students with the skills required to keep up with modern malware and rapidly extract the most valuable and pertinent data to their investigations, including Indicators of Compromise.
Business Executives Cyber Security Master Course (Master Course: 4 hours) For Business Executives
Mossé Security offers a four-hour training course tailored for business executives and board members that want to learn how to defend their organisation against cyber threat actors and manage the risks of cyber attacks. The delegates will learn the right mind-set and tools to manage the cyber security of their companies from a business executive standpoint.
Cyber Security Governance and Risk Management (Short Course: 2 days) For IT Professionals
This course will provide detailed workshop discussion and case studies on key information security areas. We will focus on practical development and implementation of processes to manage governance, risk and compliance,and business continuity areas relating to information security within the enterprise.
Dragon-Net Incident Response Workshop (Workshop: 4 hours to 5 days) For IT Professionals
In this workshop, students will learn and hone their incident detection and response skills against procedurally-generated computer networks and adversaries. Every workshop is unique and thus offers new and unique learnings to returning participants. Throughout the workshop, Mossé Security’s instructors will facilitate, teach, and help students identify and remediate security breaches within the networks.
Dragon-Net Red Team Exercise (Workshop: 4 hours to 5 days) For IT Professionals
Dragon-Net "Red Team Exercise" is an expertly guided hands-on experience conducting simulated real-world attacks against procedurally generated computer networks. During the mock exercise, Mossé Security instructors guide students to their target, assisting them to employ concepts and strategies that advanced persistent threats (APTs) use to great effect.
First Incident Responder (Short Course: 2 days) For IT Professionals
Onsite IT professionals are the first responders to security breaches. They are the ones who detect anomalies on the network, discover indicators of attack and compromise, and act according to how they have understood the situation. This course teaches IT professionals structured techniques and gives specific tools to investigate incidents and make the right decisions when breached.
Introduction to Windows Security (Short Course: 2 days) For IT Professionals
This course teaches IT professionals the most fundamental concepts on how to build secure Windows workstations and networks, perform rapid forensics investigations, and exploit the most common vulnerabilities affecting Windows systems.
Network Forensics Master Course (Master Course: 5 days) For IT Professionals
Network forensics is a cornerstone activity of any security operations team. In this Master Course, we impart how to detect common and advanced attack techniques through a systematic review of network traffic and host logs. Dozens of exercises will be provided which will challenge and impart new knowledge to students of all skill level.
Red Teaming - The Advanced User-Land Techniques (Master Course: 5 days) For IT Professionals
Red Teaming "The Advanced User-Land Techniques" imparts user-land exploitation techniques specifically designed to evade advanced enterprise security products, as well as make incident detection and response a real nightmare. Students will practice Red Teaming against a network with hundreds of machines, containing multiple VLANs, and which are properly defended by endpoint detection, response and defence-in-depth.
Red Teaming - The Fundamentals (Master Course: 5 days) For IT Professionals
Red Teaming – The Fundamentals is a basic yet potent introductory course to Red Teaming. Our instructors teach the fundamental knowledge and skills that novice Red Teamers require to deliver cyber-attack simulations. No prior knowledge of computer hacking is assumed. Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided for students to learn how to attack Windows networks using some of the same ways that like real attackers use.
Social Engineering Master Course (Master Course: 2 days) For IT Professionals
The Social Engineering Master Course teaches the best tactics, techniques, procedures and gives you the tools to become a thoroughly effective social engineer. This course is taught in a highly interactive manner with hours of workshops and exercises that will prepare the students for high-end social engineering engagements.
Threat Hunting Master Course (Master Course: 5 days) For IT Professionals
Mossé Security teaches students a unique approach to threat hunting based on data science, active deception and the development of custom intrusion detection tools. In this five-day master course, students will learn how to hunt for threat actors on large scale computer networks.
Web Application Security for Web Developers and Hackers (Short Course: 3 days) For IT Professionals
This two-day training course is tailored for software developers, IT Professionals, security managers and anyone else who wants to learn to develop software securely and find security vulnerabilities in web application by review source code.
Windows Kernel Rootkits Techniques and Analysis (Master Course: 5 days) For IT Professionals
This class is tailored for malware analysts, system developers, forensic analysts, incident responders, or enthusiasts who want to analyze Windows kernel rootkits or develop software for similar tasks. It introduces the Windows architecture and how various kernel components work together at the lowest level. It discusses how rootkits leverage these kernel components to facilitate nefarious activities such as hiding processes, files, network connections, and other common objects. As part of the analytical process, we will delve into the kernel programming environment; we will implement some kernelmode utilities to aid our understanding.