Events for IT Professionals

Event Title & Description
Red Teaming - The Advanced User-Land Techniques (Melbourne, AU: 16-20 April 2018) For IT Professionals
Red Teaming "The Advanced User-Land Techniques" imparts user-land exploitation techniques specifically designed to evade advanced enterprise security products, as well as make incident detection and response a real nightmare. Students will practice Red Teaming against a network with hundreds of machines, containing multiple VLANs, and which are properly defended by endpoint detection, response and defence-in-depth.
Cyber Security Governance and Risk Management (Melbourne, AU: 2-3 April 2018) For IT Professionals
This course will provide detailed workshop discussion and case studies on key information security areas. We will focus on practical development and implementation of processes to manage governance, risk and compliance,and business continuity areas relating to information security within the enterprise.
First Incident Responder (Melbourne, AU: 26-27 April 2018) For IT Professionals
Onsite IT professionals are the first responders to security breaches. They are the ones who detect anomalies on the network, discover indicators of attack and compromise, and act according to how they have understood the situation. This course teaches IT professionals structured techniques and gives specific tools to investigate incidents and make the right decisions when breached.

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