10 good reasons why 2 cyber security jobs at the same time is beneficial to you

Here are 10 reasons why cyber security wears people out:

  • Too many life hours spent in pointless meetings
  • Too much resistance from the business to properly manage cyber risks
  • The technology needed to succeed at cyber defence isn’t getting deployed
  • Change is so slow that you’ll move on to another organisation before experiencing any real progress
  • Meaningful outcomes are rarely, if ever, achieved
  • Buzzwords and news articles drive `strategic agendas` that have nothing strategic about them
  • Your efforts are not contributing to the well being of all mankind
  • Dark risk management practices are the norm and you’re asked to go along with it
  • Your managers and superiors don’t understanding anything about what you do
  • Things are going backwards and good work is getting undone

Do you feel like your wasting your life?

Here's a simple solution to transform your life and still live your cyber-security passion: have 2 cyber security jobs.

Job #1: The money-making job for 4 days a week

Land a high paying job in the financial sector.

Ruthlessly squeeze every cent out of it for 4 days week.

Donate 2-15% of your income to charity.

Job #2: The social job for 1 day per week

Join or create a social business where the goal is to achieve the most good possible and break even.

Only charge for your travel and lunch expenses.

Work on it 1 day per week and after hours.

You won’t make a dime, but won’t make a loss neither.

You'll give back to the industry and receive all the good karma you’ll need to feel like it's worth it.

You may even fall back in love with cyber security again.

Last Words:

I'd like to offer you the following challenge:

Do something that at least once a week that will result in a random somebody on the Internet thanking you for it.

Benjamin Mossé


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