The difference between mediocre cyber security professionals and the very good ones is measured in minutes

Through training hundreds of students across thousands of practical exercises we’ve learnt that the difference between average mediocre ones and the very good ones in cyber security is the 20 minute mark.

If software bugs make you quit within 20 minutes of trying to troubleshoot them, then you stand little chance at mastering the technical aspects of cyber security.

To resolve problem, if it affects you, then learn and apply a Structured Root Cause Analysis (RCA) procedure.

Step 1 – Use your intuition to try and resolve the bug for up to 20 minutes
Step 2 – If Step 1 hasn’t worked, then use an RCA like CauseWise for up to 3 hours
Step 3 – If Step 2 hasn’t worked, reach out for help on the platform of professionals - our MCSI Platform

Even if Step 3 doesn’t “work”, then come back to the problem in 3 months and try again.

Whatever happens, never, ever give up.

That's the most important skill you need to have to become very good at technical skills.

Benjamin Mossé

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