Managed Security Testing Services

Managed Security Testing Services

Mossé Security’s Managed Security Testing Services allow our clients to improve their defences more rapidly, meet compliance requirements, reduce cyber risks, improve incident response capabilities, and assess the effectiveness of their security spending.


  • Unparalleled Coverage: Some of the many threat actors simulated by Managed Security Testing Services include nation-state attackers, advanced persistent threat groups, organized criminal organisations, ransomware and malware.
  • Force Multiplier: For the price of a single traditional penetration test, the Managed Security Testing Services delivers over 20 penetration tests. This allows our clients to thoroughly test the security of their networks without the challenges of building or expanding internal security teams.
  • Advanced Reporting: Mossé Security delivers advanced security testing reports including detailed historical vulnerability data and benchmarking against industry standards. This thorough, detailed reporting helps our clients meet compliance requirements and improve security defences more rapidly.
  • Expert Resources: Attack results are reviewed by Mossé Security’s team and bespoke security advice is offered to every client to assist them mitigating the risks of even the most complex vulnerabilities.

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